ALL conversations are strictly confidential! Once you contact me and we can connect, we will discuss your situation. After understanding your difficulties and desires, I can begin to gather some basic data about your property.

Obtain Your Mortgage Information

If you have a mortgage, I will need to obtain the payoff status. If the need arises, I can deal with the mortgage company. With a written release you can allow me to speak with them as I am a licensed real estate broker. Then I check the property tax info online to obtain the square footage, tax value and related information. The next step is take a look at the current market stats for your neighborhood to get an understanding of how your property compares to the others.

Do a Property Evaluation

Next, I will need to schedule a time to do a visual inspection of your property. I need to get an idea of any repair issues that need to be addressed. Depending on the results of the visual inspection, I may need to consult with my contractors for repair items that are out of the ordinary, extensive or unusual in nature. After developing a budget for repairs, holding cost and a profit margin, I will prepare an offer for your consideration.

Set a Closing Date

Once we come to an agreement that is acceptable, we can schedule a time to set up a closing at the title company. You will receive your proceeds directly from the title company upon closing and funding!